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"Talk to them. They understand the manufacturing industry." - David Furnevall, Fleetwood Sheet Metal Ltd

"An of the shelf product that feels bespoke." - Phil Coomer, Yailway Rake Services.

"Found the software perfect for maintaining records to help achieve and maintain ISO 9001 and BSEN 1090." - Gareth Morley, FEM Ltd.

"A breeze to use... It has cut my working time down dramatically." Gary Coveney, Instant Displays.

"We thought for years that our business was too small for a system like this and that we didnt have the time to work on software. We actually have more time available now through being more organised and the system pays for itself many times over." 

- Brett Holmes, M & B Engineering Ltd.

Too small for ERP systems?

ERP system simplicity

"We have found it to be simple to use, but yet an extremely powerful tool. It has been well thought out and almost feels bespoke to our business."

-Tony Starkey, Director, WillStar Precision Engineering Ltd

"Replacing spreadsheets with one system that takes care of workflow from enquiry to invoice."

-David Walton, Director, Welding Mobility Limited

"Profitability of projects are constantly updated during the manufacturing process, material ordering is controlled, manufacturing labour costs are updated on a day to day basis." 

-John Clarke, MD, SRL Ltd

"In just minutes you are from quote to sales order to confirmation... The simplicity of this product is its strength for all users." 

-Justine Chapple, Business Development Manager, Haldo Developments

"I haven't had any training on the software and I still find it easy." 

-Helen Sims, Accounts, SRL

"The system is easy to use and efficient. If I have needed to contact Statii my call is returned very quickly and any small issues that I have had learning the system have been resolved immediately . No complaints a 5 star service all round." 

-Heather Dunning, Office Manager, Vogue Precision Engineering Limited

"Every new update makes it more and more flexible and easy to use." 

-Todd Kasavetov, Welding Mobility Ltd.

Software customer Support

"Any issues can be easily solved with a super friendly customer service crew." 

-Adam Hepworth, Fleetwood Sheet Metal.

"If there have been any problems with any aspects of it then members of staff have resolved the issue within minutes." 

-Ricky Davies, Office Manager, MEL Precision Ltd.

"Personally I struggle with systems in general, but knowing that there was always a friendly helpful ( usually one of the Mark's in my experience ) on the other end of the phone to talk me through, or even better Team viewer me through my minor troubles." 

-Michelle Smith, Administrator, Mid Cornwall Metals Ltd.


"Any time there have been any issues that I did not understand about the software and I put in a call or email to Statii I get a response back in minutes not hours or days like some other software that I use." 

-Kevin Obal, Owner, K.A.R.D. Precision Ltd.

"Customer service and support has been second to none, they are only a phone call away which is priceless, top marks all round."

-M.Clifford, Director, Cliff-Eng Ltd.

System Implementation

"The software is very user friendly which guides you step by step." 

-Ricky Davies, Office Manager, MEL Precision Ltd.

"Statii have been very helpful from the minute we first contacted them about using the software. It is very easy to use and after the initial day of loading in customer and supplier data we were up and running." 

-Glenn Flinter, Company Director, F&M Engineering Limited.

"Statii was easy to set up and get started using right away. After using for a couple of years now it makes it easier to track all aspects of jobs going through the shop. From initial inquiry from a customer to final invoice." 

-Kevin Obal, Owner, K.A.R.D. Precision Ltd.

"The Statii guys prepared me for everything I could expect during this phase, and they were accurate. They are extremely helpful and there for me whenever I need it, even with the enormous time difference (USA- England). It's a joy to deal with them and I'm quite happy I found them." 

-Kristy White, Office Manager, AAA Pipe & Fittings.

Time Saving

"Jobs that were once very time consuming are now being completed in a matter of minutes." 

-Ricky Davies, Office Manager, MEL Precision Ltd.

"User friendly, flexible, ease of implementation." 

-Dean Hutchby, MD, Cavalier Sheet Metal.


"We got this software to make purchasing, quotation and costing more efficient for our engineering company. We needed something more fluid, user friendly and most importantly productive. All goals have been achieved!!!!"

-Kathryn Stewart, Purchasing Clerk, Manuflex Limited.

"It has sped up the product admin no end. Being able to search by various different options is incredibly useful . I have been waiting for a new system for a very long time and it was worth the wait!"

-Nina Hart, Office & Production Manager, Haldo Developments.

"I cant say enough about the enquiry building in Statii. I am more confident and turn quotes around faster than ever. I can have materials and tools ordered, work orders printed, machines scheduled, order confirmation sent with in a few minutes of receiving a PO all within."

-Dale Greife, Owner, Aspire Machine Tool.

"My overall experience with Statii is a positive one as the software has brought our company up to date with the paperwork and data capture trace-ability."

-M.Clifford, Director, Cliff-Eng Ltd

"I have nothing but positive things to say about this software. It has cut my working time down dramatically." 

-Gary Coveney, Managing Director, In-store Displays.

"Having slowly introduced Statii into our business over a period of 18 months it is now a fundamental part of our day to day life." 

-Miles Jones, General Manager, KCM Tops Ltd.

"Statii has given our company the ability to quote more jobs than we've ever quoted before. Everything is now organized in one place. We know exactly what jobs we won and what jobs we lost." 

-Rebecah Reutimann, Manager/Owner, Island Machine, Inc.

Hesitant to Change

"We have now been using Statii for 3 years. I don't know how we managed without it!"

-Robert Gascoyne, Director, RMG ENGINEERING. 

"We needed to upgrade our ERP system, spent a long time reviewing many systems. Statii appeared to have all functionality we required. Under went a trial which was extremely useful to evaluate system."

-Sarah Ratcliffe, Admin Manager, GRK Interiors Ltd. 

"I work in accounts so have limited contact with Statii, however have found it easy to use. I mainly use it for information gathering so am happy with it's performance."

-Judith Goodway , Accounts Manager, Fitzpatrick's UK Ltd. 

"Like many other company's we didn't have time to help ourselves. So busy satisfying customers requirements we forgot about our own. Our organisation and systems needed addressing and quickly.

Finding Statii after trawling through other ERP systems was such a relief."

-Dean Hutchby, MD, Cavalier Sheet Metal. 

"I haven't had any training on the software and I still find it easy."

-Helen Sims, Accounts, SRL. 

"The Statii guys prepared me for everything I could expect during this phase, and they were accurate. They are extremely helpful and there for me whenever I need it, even with the enormous time difference (USA- England). It's a joy to deal with them and I'm quite happy I found them."

-Kristy White, Office Manager, AAA Pipe & Fittings. 

"Having used Statii in a previous business I had no doubts it was the correct thing for my new business venture. My company designs, manufactures and services lifting equipment as well as supplying spares just in time. A system that manages all this gets a huge thumbs up from me."

-Lee Setnik, MD, Birch Handling. 

"As a father and son steel fabrication business we had known for years that the 'paperwork' side of our business was poor. We would often miss invoicing for work we had done and tracking at what stage jobs were and if we had ordered goods from suppliers as well as tracking down relevant drawings was a complete nightmare.

It's no exaggeration to say that Statii has completely transformed our business for the better."

-Brett Holmes, Owner, M & B Engineering.

 "Found the software perfect for maintaining records to help achieve and maintain ISO 9001 and BSEN 1090."

-Gareth Morley, FEM Ltd. 

"Statii replaced the old CRM system and although I didn't have experience using that one I have used many different kinds over the years and I must say that the functionality of Statii is far superior."

-Gordon Ramsay, Project Administrator, SRL Countertech Ltd. 

"We wanted a system that kept track of spending and hours on jobs, that did not cost the earth and were easy to use. We have tried a few other systems and they did proved to be buggy and when a problem came up it took time to correct. Statii has satisfied on both of these counts."

-Neil Jump, Estimator/Administrator, GT Steel LTD. 

"Implementing Statii was easy, the learning curve for Statii was low and the customer service was high. When they say that Statii will be self-funding at the end of three months, it's really true!"

-Rebecah Reutimann , Manager/Owner, Island Machine, Inc.

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